Decentralized patient "Living Room" and view into a universal room. Photo: Dave Burk © SOM.

Medical Construction & Design Magazine has just published an article by May Architecture’s founding principal, Gil May, entitled “Infection Control by Design.”

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the fight against Healthcare-Acquired Infections (HAIs) has taken center stage. While regulations provide a foundation for infection control, a deeper layer of innovation is emerging to revolutionize the healthcare industry’s approach to prevention. This article explores groundbreaking strategies that extend beyond the confines of traditional guidelines, reimagining healthcare spaces, optimizing workflows, and focusing on intricate details to create a safer environment for patients and healthcare providers. Discover how innovative design concepts, separation of clean and dirty workflows, and meticulous attention to room-level strategies are transforming the battle against HAIs, making healthcare facilities not just places of healing but also fortresses against infections.

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