"Innovation in design requires both relentless curiosity and a drive for continual improvement."



Focused on a collaborative approach, leading to successful outcomes.

Our team works with top-tier institutions to create environments that accommodate the needs of providers and staff for efficient and effective care; spaces that support new treatment research and development; and settings that allow providers and staff to connect with patients and their families.

Our Healthcare Dedicated Team

A practice led by two ACHA certified architects.

Since its inception, May Architecture has had the honor of working on numerous projects with premier healthcare systems. We speak the language of healthcare, thoroughly understand the current issues and trends, and remain abreast of the industry’s ever-changing regulations.

“We aspire to deliver healing spaces for patients, their medical teams and their caregivers. Ultimately, our goal is to work as an extension of our client’s team.”
Meet Emily
“A baby is born, or someone is seriously ill - some of our most pivotal moments are spent in healthcare settings. We design spaces that help the healing process.”
Meet Bill
“Our work is like solving a complex three-dimensional puzzle. It is deeply satisfying to see staff and patients use their new space when the puzzle is complete.”
Meet Dawn
"Finishes and furniture are so important– as they are what the users see and touch, thus shaping their experience."
Meet Susan


ACHA Board Certified Architects


Square feet of healthcare space designed


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